The Great Satan 'Eblis'

Though Satan was cursed and humiliated, he was still the

paragon of lovers in self sacrifice

"The Great Satan 'Eblis'" Book Cover by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

translated by Terry Graham
in collaboration with Neil and
Sima Johnston

First Edition 1992

ISBN 0-933546-23-8

Known by many names, the Great Satan, called 'Eblis' in the Koran, is considered by many to be the enemy of God. Dr. Nurbakhsh, drawing from the writings of 'Attar,Rumi, Jami, Ebn 'Arabi and other great Sufis, elucidates in this book the nature and significance of the fallen Angel in human form. This book draws together writings and stories about Satan by masters over centuries of the Sufi tradition.Many of the great Sufi mystics viewed Satan -- once supreme among the angels -- as a lover of God who refused to worship anyone but God.
According to Islamic tradition, when God shaped the first man from clay. He commanded the angels to bow down before Adam. Satan refused, and God banished him from His court of Nearness. Whether praising or blaming Satan for his refusal, the Sufis' discussion of Satan explores the dangers encountered by aspirants on the spiritual path. Their stories affirm Divine Unity, transcending the dualism of good and evil in popular imagination, and showing that in human experience, rather than a force outside ourselves, Satan symbolizes our self-deception when we heed pride or passions of the ego before truth in the heart.


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