He said ,"where is the plague?" I said, "In the lane of Thy love."

He said, "How are you there?" I said, "Constant"

-- Rumi

"Sufism IV" Book Cover

Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

Translated by William Chittick

First Edition 1988

ISBN 0-933546-33-5


Dark Orange BulletRepentance
Dark Orange BulletAbstinence
Dark Orange BulletRenunciation
Dark Orange BulletWariness
Dark Orange BulletHumility
Dark Orange BulletHumbleness
Dark Orange BulletSincerity
Dark Orange BulletConstancy
Dark Orange BulletCourtesy

'Repentance' is viewed by Sufis as return toward God. Thus unswerving repentance leads to 'abstinence' from distractions, and the 'renunciation' of everything but God, creating the'wariness' that guards the wayfarer's heart from association with other than God.
'Humility' purifies the wayfarer of pride and anger. 'Humbleness' or abject humility describes the heart bent low before God's threshold, prepared for obedience. 'Sincerity', the key to the Path, purifies the seeker's intention.

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