Sufism III

If tranquility of heart comes to you in love fine!

but if it comes in ascetic rigour, it is devoid of value.

-- 'Attar

"Sufism III" Book Cover

by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

Translated by Terry Graham
and Leonard Lewisohn with the
collaboration of Neil and Sima

First Edition 1985

ISBN 0-933546-19-X


Light Blue ButtonSubmission
Light Blue ButtonContentment
Light Blue ButtonAbsence
Light Blue ButtonPresence
Light Blue ButtonIntimacy
Light Blue ButtonAwe
Light Blue ButtonTranquility
Light Blue ButtonSerenity
Light Blue ButtonFluctuation
Light Blue ButtonStability

'Through 'submission' to God's will, the lover realizes 'contentment' with God regardless of his circumstances. 'Absence from himself and the word prepare him for 'presence' with God. The sweetness of 'intimacy' with God's beauty is contrasted with 'awe' of Divine majesty.
Mystics who approach inner certainty in God enjoy 'tranquility' and 'serenity'. Gradually, the trials of traveling through 'fluctuations' or constant changes of state temper the wayfarer's heart until it reaches 'stability' in perfection.

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