Spiritual Poverty in Sufism

O God, grant me

the riches of poverty

for in such largesse lies

my power and glory.

-- Hafez

Spiritual Poverty in Sufism-Cover

by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

Translated by Leonard Lewisohn

ISBN 0-933546-11-4


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Spiritual Poverty is a cornerstone of classical Sufi practice. The term faqir (poor man or woman) is often used as a synonym for Sufi and darvish among the Sufis. The first essay in this book documents the development of the meaning of spiritual poverty in Sufism, followed by two essays which explore diverse definitions of the terms darvish and Sufi in Islamic mystical texts.

Chapters 4 and 5 constitute the only comprehensive study in English of the various gradations of mystical states (ahwal) and the hierarchical levels of spiritual stations (maqamat) by the Sufis. The final chapters focus on the concept of the 'Eternal Now' (waqt) and discuss the significance of breath in the spiritual method of the Sufis.

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