In the Paradise of the Sufis

How rapturous the day I fly

towards the Friend's adobe,

beating my wings

in hope of reaching that home.

-- Rumi

In the Paradise of the Sufis Cover

Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

ISBN 0-933546-01-7

This book gives the reader a detailed description of the living practice of Sufism. Dr. Nurbakhsh describes what is involved in traveling the Sufi path and explains the five essential principles put into practice by the traveler.


ButtonTasavvuf: The Aim and Approach of Sufism

ButtonZekr: The Heart of Sufi Practice

ButtonFekr: The Sufi Way of Contemplation

ButtonMoraqebeh: The Sufi Way of Meditation

ButtonMohasebeh: The Sufi Way of Self-Examination

ButtonVerd: The Sufi Way of Invocation

ButtonThe Rules and Manners of Initiation into the Sufi Path

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