In The Tavern of Ruin

He whose heart is aware of the Lovers' world

hears nothing but the whispering of Love,

a tongue unknown to ordinary men.

-- Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

ISBN: 0-933546-00-9



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The sufi is one who is a lover of the Truth, who by means of love and devotion moves toward the Truth, toward the Perfection which all are truly seeking. Having traveled the Spiritual Path Tariqat, the disciple becomes a perfect being and arrives at the threshold of the Truth Haqiqat.
One could liken the journey within the Haqiqat, within the Truth, to training in a divine university, known in Sufism as the "Tavern of Ruin". In this true center for higher education there are no professors, one's only guide being Absolute Love.
Here one's only teacher is Love, one's books are Love, and one's being is Love. Before a perfect being enters the "Tavern of Ruin", he or she can be defined. However, upon entering the Truth, such a being is indefinable, beyond the realm of words.

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