Dogs from a Sufi Point of View

Like a dog, I bark in Your lane every morning,

Yet you never ask whose dog I am or why I am here.

-- 'Eraqi

"Dogs from a Sufi Point of View" Book Cover by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

translated by Terry Graham
with the collaberation of
Neil and Sima Johnston and
Ali-Reza Nurbakhsh

First Edition 1992

ISBN 0-933546-39-4


yellow bulletSufi Masters and Dogs

yellow bullet Virtuous Qualities of Dogs

yellow bulletSufi Scholar's Criticism of Dogs

This book presents the image of the dog as portrayed in Sufi literature, and is illustrated with Persian miniatures. In contrast to the prevailing Islamic view of the dog as a foul, vicious and unclean animal, the Sufis held the poverty and wretchedness of the dog in special esteem, considering themselves to be dogs -- or less than dogs -- in the lane of the Beloved. These stories communicate the value of humility, loyalty, and other praiseworthy qualities of the base animal nature of their own ego, and emphasize the value of training that tames wildness and makes even the dog useful to society.

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